About Me

Who is Joe Bedwell?

I'm a regular family guy that stumbled into working with leather a while back and haven't looked back.  I enjoy creating new things, whether they're holsters, belts, wallets, the odd item someone in my family requests, or a unique gift I can create myself.  Right now, this is a one-man shop, and it's not my day job.  :)  All items are custom made to your specifications.  So I'm a little limited in time devoted to creating things, but I'll always do my best to get an order out in as timely a manner as I can.  If you're here, hopefully you'll see something you like.  

My personal taste tends to run pretty classic.  I really like leather and I think it should be the star of whatever I make.  Most of the things I create appeal to me in that I think the design would stand the test of time.  I try to make things that would've looked good 50 years ago, look good now and will still look good 50 years from now.  

Why the name "JB More Leather Crap?"

The reason for the name is when I started looking at potentially making and offering leather products for sale, I naturally researched to see what's out there. Basically, there are more people making and selling leather stuff than I could've ever imagined, so I felt like I was adding to the already giant pool of leather crafters/sellers. So...just more leather stuff out there. In my life, the words "stuff" and "crap" are basically interchangeable, but "crap" is a funnier word to me.

Feel free to contact me about something even if I don't have it up for sale. I may be able to work something in for you. Thanks for stopping by.  -JB-